The aggressive real estate attorneys at LS Carlson Law have extensive experience in prosecuting and defending our clients in real estate related disputes in both mediation and arbitration. Based in Orange County, LS Carlson Law is a renowned real estate law firm dedicated to providing superior professional legal advocacy. Our team consists of experienced trial attorneys and a supportive staff, all of whom are accessible to our clients. The attorneys at LS Carlson Law excel at what they do. Whether a “scorched earth” approach is appropriate, or whether a client would be better served with a more moderate approach, the attorneys at the firm are adept at effectively achieving our clients’ goals. Moreover, the firm’s experienced real estate lawyers represent both residential and commercial property owners in a multitude of disputes that include:

Nondisclosure / Fraud

Neighbor Disputes

HOA Disputes




Adverse Possession


Tree Cutting Disputes

Property Damage

Bad Faith Insurance

Partition Actions

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