Before you start the franchise process (or, for that matter, even contact a potential franchisor), you need competent legal counsel on your side to not only minimize your liability, but also to maximize the return on your investment. Indeed, starting a franchise can be riddled with potential legal pitfalls (e.g., contract ambiguities, franchisor overreaching, etc.). Therefore, it is essential to retain an experienced attorney who can help you navigate this highly-regulated field.

Our firm represents a broad spectrum of franchisees. From martial art studios to ice cream parlors to quick service restaurants, our firm maintains a dynamic practice well-equipped to service your needs. Again, given the legal complexities involved in the franchise industry, it is critical for you to obtain competent counsel to protect your legal rights and interests. Accordingly, LS Carlson Law offers its clients representation in the following areas:

FDD Review and Analysis

Franchise Systems Review

Franchise State Registration Confirmation


Intellectual Property Verification

Lease Review

General Consulting / Strategizing

Franchise Dispute Resolution

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