Based in Southern California, Kushner Carlson is an aggressive litigation law firm dedicated to providing superior DUI representation for CEOs, professionals, and high net worth individuals. Often, when faced with a DUI, clients are left with few options – either go with a small, unknown solo-practitioner or a large DUI mill. Kushner Carlson breaks this mold by providing clients with a stronger option – offering a well-known, well-trusted litigation firm to handle the defense of a first-time DUI. Indeed, Kushner Carlson is a powerhouse litigation law firm that has leveraged its litigation experience in the DUI arena. Our team consists of experienced trial attorneys and a supportive staff, all of whom are accessible to our clients. Our founding partner, attorney Michael B. Kushner, is a respected attorney known for his detail-oriented practice, sharp writing, and his skill in the courtroom. The attorneys at Kushner Carlson excel at what they do. Whether a “scorched earth” approach is appropriate, or whether a client would be better served with a more moderate approach, the attorneys at the firm are adept at effectively achieving our clients’ goals.

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