A Living Trust is Just the Beginning

Get comprehensive protection from an experienced law firm at an affordable, flat-rate price—well beyond what a cookie-cutter online trust builder will get you. We draft each plan around your goals and unique situation.

Essential Plan

A complete estate plan with all essential documents for simple estates. This plan is ideal for individuals or married couples whose primary purpose is to avoid probate and to control distribution to their children or immediate family members.

  • Living Trust
  • Will
  • Guardianship of Minors
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • Personal Property Distribution Organizer
  • Transfer of Primary Residence to your Trust

$2000 Flat Rate

Legacy Plan

A comprehensive estate plan geared toward protecting assets for younger generations as well as a surviving spouse. This plan is ideal for individuals or married couples desiring to (1) maximize their children or beneficiaries’ inheritance; (2) provide for mixed families; or (3) business owners with diversity of assets.

  • Essential Plan Deliverables +
  • Marital Trust Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Special Power of Attorney Planning
  • Final Disposition
  • HIPAA Waivers

$3000 Flat Rate

Need Something More Customized or Just a Straightforward Trust?

No problem! We can offer you a completely custom solution for your needs to ensure the goals for your estate are met and have done so for individuals, families, and companies of all sizes, affluency levels, and complexities. Call us today for a complementary consultation.

Free Consultation

We would like to extend an offer to get a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation with one of our estate planning attorneys to answer any questions you may have in general about estate planning or specific questions unique to your circumstances prior to moving forward. To schedule an appointment, simply call the number below.

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