At LS Carlson Law, our aggressive real estate attorneys have extensive experience securing our clients’ objectives in all manner of real estate related disputes, whether in or out of court. To maximize success, we first partner with our clients to understand the nature of their real estate related goals and objectives, after which we devise an innovative and aggressive approach to ensure that our clients achieve optimal results. The firm’s experienced real estate lawyers represent both residential and commercial property owners in a multitude of disputes that include: HOA disputes, non-disclosure/fraud, neighbor disputes, nuisance, encroachment, trespass, adverse possession, eviction, tree cutting disputes, property damage, bad faith insurance, and partition actions.

Likewise, the business attorneys at LS Carlson Law provide its clients with a panoply of business/corporate transactional and litigation services. LS Carlson Law’s business litigation attorneys represent and counsel the firm’s clients in a multitude of business disputes (e.g., breach of contract, fraud, unfair business practices, trade secrets, unjust enrichment, employment, intellectual property, misrepresentation, etc.).

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